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Malta: Beautiful Island In The Mediterranean [Travel Guide]

Malta is a great little island strategically located in the Mediterranean sea. This island is small but packs a great punch I tell ya! The archaeology, the history behind it, and the great water life – there’s so much you can do and I have always wanted to go back for more! Read more…


Cape Cod – Massachusetts: Shopping and Relaxing [Travel Guide]

About a month ago, I came home from the best adventure of a lifetime! I decided to work at a summer camp in America (i’m from the UK so this was a pretty big deal […]

Picture taken of Na Pali coast from a helicopter

Kauai: Hawaii’s Garden Island [Travel Guide]

Kauai: Hawaii’s Garden Island [Travel Guide] I would like to start off by saying this was one of my favorite trips and this is definitely my favorite between Kauai and Oahu. The Island is as […]

Monte Verde,Brazil: A Romantic Town in The Mountains [Travel Guide]

Monte Verde , Brazil. Ever heard of it ? Probably not. But it’s an amazing place if you are ever looking for a small, romantic town with amazing food secluded by the mountains in Brazil. […]