Nice was pretty nice, I gotta say.

I visited France this past summer, and the beaches and villages in Nice were so gorgeous and naturally beautiful. We (my family and I) only stayed here for a couple of days, so hopefully this post helps with managing your time and prioritizing the most important parts of a European city. 

One thing you should know when I travel, is that I don’t usually use tour groups. I find it so much more fun to just experience everything on your own and at your own pace!

img_2068 1.1 (1)

Day One | basically nothing 

Our plane landed in the afternoon, and of course we were all exhausted and worn out from the thirteen hour flight (yikes), so we just crashed in the hotel and unpacked a little bit.

We stayed in Hotel Aria, which was more like an apartment because it had separate rooms and a bathroom. Usually when you travel to Europe, getting an apartment is a much better deal than a hotel, because you would probably have to get two hotel rooms to fit everyone in.. they make them pretty small!

Day Two | Eze & Monte-Carlo, Monaco 

The first morning we quickly ate breakfast at a small cafe that had ready-made sandwiches and pastries. We decided to go to Eze, which is gorgeous village in Nice (and a great place to take pictures!) We took a bus to get there and it was a pretty steep ride, so learn from our mistakes and try to not get on a cramped bus.. There was also a little bit of a “hike” to get to the top, but it was pretty quick and easy. It’s less of a hike and more of a short, steep road. If you’re planning on visiting, there’s nothing to worry about. The view was breathtaking and you definitely wouldn’t want to miss it! (It’s a little hard to see but there was a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea!)

image nice 1.1 (1)



image nice 2.1 (1)

From Eze we took a bus to Monte-Carlo in Monaco – it was about 30 minutes and, not gonna lie, we all took naps! Gotta take your chances, am I right?

This is technically a different country, but it’s so small that I didn’t even realize we weren’t in France! Also, I find it really helpful to take buses or any sort of public transportation if you’re travelling somewhere that’s too far to walk to. You get to experience the city better than you would in a taxi, and you still get there pretty fast!

When we got to Monte-Carlo, I realized it was basically everything I expected: beautiful, exciting, and expensive. I don’t necessarily suggest planning on shopping in Monte-Carlo lol.. But, we finally got to the beach and the view was definitely worth it. 


image nice 3.1



image nice 4.1 (1)

WOW. It’s hard to believe there’s actually places that look like this.

We also made a stop at the infamous Casino and looked around inside. We didn’t enter the actual “casino” part, but I’m sure it was the coolest casino out there. It honestly looked like a castle!


nice france 5.1 (1)

Trying to avoid heat stroke, we stopped by a Starbucks to grab something to drink. Usually we don’t go to coffee shops that we have back home, but I guess we thought it would be okay just once!

Big mistake. Let me paint the picture: a Starbucks, in the center of Monte-Carlo, on a hot summer day, by the beach, in a country that I don’t speak the language of. Long story short – they got my order wrong and I paid probably eight dollars for a frappuccino I didn’t even want lol 

It was still really fun to spend some time relaxing and taking it all in – I mean, look at the view from Starbucks –


image nice 6.1 (1)

Afterwards, hopped on the bus and headed back to Nice. 

There was basically always a World Cup game going on, so of course we had to join the crowds and support France, right?! It was so much fun sitting at the restaurants and watching the game because everyone was so excited and patriotic. This type of social environment is something we don’t see often in SoCal, so it was really fun to watch the games here! Someone was even dj-ing from their apartment! Sadly I don’t have any pictures, but I think you can imagine how crazy everyone went when France won! (We went out to watch the game almost every night we were in Nice.)

Day Three | Homework & Shopping

On our last day, we spent more time walking around Nice and exploring the shops a little bit. My sister and I had some work to do, so we went to a nearby Starbucks (we needed wifi haha) for the first half of the day and then did some shopping later! I bought a dress from this store called Pull and Bear. They actually have a lot of cute things, so if you’re ever in Europe I definitely recommend checking it out!

Also, I didn’t notice a lot of tourist-y stores, if you know what I mean. It was more like a normal, down-to-earth city, which really impressed me!


image nice 7 (1)

The main shopping street is so much fun and filled with life! You just want to walk around all day and take it all in. Everyone is socializing, shopping, and eating all day and night. It was so much fun and Nice is definitely a city I would love to visit again (maybe when I don’t have homework haha) 

Aaaaand, that’s it for this post! It was pretty Nice, right? 😉

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Make sure to check out my personal blog, giraffeview


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Hi! My name is Pauline and I’m from Los Angeles, California!


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