About a month ago, I came home from the best adventure of a lifetime! I decided to work at a summer camp in America (i’m from the UK so this was a pretty big deal for me). This camp was located on the beautiful Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

Cape cod captured from the plane.

Cape Cod is about an hour and a half south of Boston and it is a very popular tourist destination (especially over the summer and even more especially over the fourth of July weekend). It’s home to beautiful beaches, ace shopping destinations and sooooo much to do. This all comes at a cost though. Whats that? Literally the cost! As soon as you pass over the bridge on to the cape, everything doubles in price! Just one example of that is the cost of an Uber. The Uber for a 5 minute journey in Boston was just over $5. However, a 10/15 minute journey when we got on to the cape cost over $20!!

Although it is expensive, there is always one sight to see whenever you go anywhere on the coast… The beach!! As I had to do a lifeguard course before camp started, I got to go to another camp on the coast to do this course! The beach was absolutely stunning! We had a few bonfires on the beach which we were completely fine to have and the camp encouraged us to do so! It gave everyone an excellent opportunity to get to know each other and explore the long stretch of coastline together. The sunsets were probably the best part about being on the beach. As the sun set over the sea, the colors in the sky were just magical, as you can see from the pictures below!


As my camp was located in a little town called Mashpee, we tended to stick to the shops around here as not everyone drove. We did visit Mashpee commons which is a little collection of shops/bars/restaurants. We went to one of the restaurants for tea called Bobby Byrnes (which I’m sure is probably a really common place to eat in America but I honestly have no clue) and the food was to die for. I was rather unwell at the times so I just shared some loaded potato skins with my friend and stole a bit of everyone’s food and I can honestly say it was one of the best places I’ve been for food. After we ate, we wandered around the commons and we spotted a cute little cupcake shop called Cupcake Charlie’s. The cakes looked insane here but I was too unwell to try any. We also nipped in a few of the local shops and bought some local goodies such as t-shirts and hoodies (a lot of people got a cape cod sticker for their camp water bottle which was a cute little idea).

Sadly, I got sent home ill pretty soon after this so I didn’t get to explore much more of the Cape. However, I do know that my friends all went to visit Martha’s vineyard which is the little island where Jaws was filmed. The got to do cool things like jump in to the water where it was all filmed and I was so looking forward to going. I am returning next year so there will be another post on more things to do, watch this space!


44ba80fc9c76a3eac88efbf44eea1d51Georgia: http://georgiasrecover1.com

I’m a 21 year old girl who is studying business studies at a university in Preston, England. I’m quite ill and going through a lot of tests but I looovvveeeee to travel! I’ve got many more travel plans coming up so I will be posting these as they happen!




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I accidentally fell in love with a girl from Brazil in college. The problem was that she was only visiting and had to leave shortly after meeting. Seven months later I was in Brazil meeting her family. That costed $1500 for my flight, $150 for my passport, and $160 for my visa. I wasn’t exactly wealthy and I had an expensive situation. Over time I have learned how to maximize my points and find the most inexpensive way. I am here to share with you what I have learned so that others can enjoy the experience of traveling-especially to see a loved one. If you need anything at all please do not hesitate to reach out to me on the “Ask Me Anything” page. :)

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