Monte Verde , Brazil. Ever heard of it ? Probably not. But it’s an amazing place if you are ever looking for a small, romantic town with amazing food secluded by the mountains in Brazil. I traveled to Monte Verde last year with my girlfriend because we had heard of this beautiful little town only about 3 hours from where she lived in São Paulo, Brazil. It did not disappoint.

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The Drive To Monte Verde

The drive to Monte Verde was beautiful. The road twists and turns up and down hilly terrain for the last quarter of the ride providing an amazing view of the landscape. After a 3 hour drive from São Paulo, we arrived at our destination of Monte Verde. We immediately saw many small shops and hostels (Pousadas). We made our way to the Pousada Aguia Dourada which was where we were staying. After checking in, we made our way to our room which was up a small flight of stairs and disconnected from other rooms. The room was of decent size and included a fire-place (This is a big deal for Brazilians, trust me.) and a Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom. By this time it was late and we were ready for bed.

Hiking to Mountain Platô

The next morning we woke up and caught a tour with a company that worked with the pousada. We took a ride into the mountains and then hiked up the rest of the “mountain” Platô. It was a very easy hike to the summit and it was completely worth it! We stopped a few times along the way to take pictures, but nothing compared to the view at the top.  I recommend going for the sunset. There are many great places to take pictures and enjoy the view. Note: The mountain is divided by two states (Minas Gerais and the state of São Paulo) which also made for a good picture. 

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The Best Hot Chocolate Ever

Later that day we went Parada Da Fonte to get some hot chocolate. P.s. This hot chocolate is better than any hot chocolate that you have had. It is super thick and does not take the word ‘chocolate’ lightly.  We also tried some alcohol with chocolate in it, ate some ice-cream, and tasted some chocolate candy samples. I would highly recommend going for the hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate

The best hot chocolate ever.

Dessert Pizza After A Long Day

We spent most of that day on the tour, but I think it was worth it. The tour took us into the mountains, Parada Da Fonte, a neat little pottery house called Ungers Pottery House, and a few other places in town. My girlfriend and I were exhausted after the long day and decided to go out for pizza before going to bed. We went to Casa Da Pizza and we were not disappointed. P.s. If you have not heard of brigadeiro then you are missing out. It is a brazilian candy and Casa Da Pizza has a brigadeiro pizza. Try it! 

Exploring The Town: Coffee, Squirrels, and Gift Shops

The next day we decided to go out on our own and explore the town. We walked through various small gift shops and nice little coffee shops (Brazilian coffee is no joke). They even have a small area where you can see squirrels…That’s right.Squirrels. You know how we feel when we see monkeys? That is how Brazilians are when they see squirrels. So yes, this is a big deal (haha). There are numerous bars and restaurants in town, but we ate at our pousada that night because we were too exhausted and just wanted to eat and relax. We ended up going to the hot tub and enjoying our last night at the pousada.


“here the squirrels feed, alone!

My Overall Thoughts

My overall experience at Monte Verde was really good. I think it is a perfect place to spend 2 days at maximum before you see majority of the attractions. We did not go but they also have horseback riding and ATV’s. The town is a lot colder than the rest of Brazil because of its positioning in the mountains, but it is very manageable and it gives you a nice reason to use the fireplace which is a unique experience in Brazil. The small town is definitely based around romance and majority of the tourists are couples going for a weekend away. I would recommend it if you are ever taking a trip to São Paulo. Let me know if you have been there before and what you think is the best things to do in Monte Verde !



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