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Planning Vacation

Vacations are a great time and it’s nice to get away but they can often hurt the wallet. This is because planning for the vacation is usually done after setting the date. And why would’t it be ? Let me show you.

Rule #1: Always run a Google Flights search before you set the vacation dates

Step One: Go to Google Flights and Enter Your Closest Airport

google flights 1

Note: Do not enter a destination or dates. Simply enter the airport that you will depart from and click Search

Step Two: Click On the Calendar and Select ‘Flexible Dates’

Google flights 2

You can select to find the cheapest flights for the entire year or by month.

Step Three: Modify Your Search Preferences (Maybe Even Look For the Cheapest Business Class Flight This Year)




  • Round Trip or Direct Flight
  • Number of Passengers
  • Economy- First Class
  • Number of Stops to Destination
  • Airlines Preference

Note: You do not necessarily need to change any of these. This step is optional, but I personally do not want 5 stops and 50 hours to my destination. 

Step Four: Use the Map to Find Your Destination

Google flights 5

You can drag the map around and zoom to find your destination. Click on your destination and look through the available flights.


Step Five: Set Your Vacation and Book Your Flight

google flights 6

Always select the flight and ensure that the availability is correct on the airlines website. Flights can appear on Google Flights when there is no availability. These typically have the “Call Airline” option.


Following these steps can save you hundreds of dollars on your vacation travel. When available, always plan your vacation dates around your travel and not your travel around your vacation dates. Also, consider booking your travel through an online travel agent like Expedia or Orbitz for the 24 hour no-penalty cancellation. These sites also offer good value when bundling flights and hotels together. However, caution that the customer service for these types of sites are often horrible and not worth it if something comes up.

You can click here to follow the site and receive a free complete guide to setting up your cards for maximum rewards and redemption towards travel!



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I accidentally fell in love with a girl from Brazil in college. The problem was that she was only visiting and had to leave shortly after meeting. Seven months later I was in Brazil meeting her family. That costed $1500 for my flight, $150 for my passport, and $160 for my visa. I wasn’t exactly wealthy and I had an expensive situation. Over time I have learned how to maximize my points and find the most inexpensive way. I am here to share with you what I have learned so that others can enjoy the experience of traveling-especially to see a loved one. If you need anything at all please do not hesitate to reach out to me on the “Ask Me Anything” page. :)


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