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The biggest mistake people make with rewards cards is knowing how to use them but not knowing how to use them properly ! The average person can miss out on hundreds of dollars of travel simply from misusing their card. Let me explain:

The average person with a rewards card knows that they are earning rewards and that is the exact reason that they got it. Step 1: ✔ and then… they throw away over half of their rewards by redeeming them on a Statement Credit or on another common  low rewarding method.

Let’s look at an example:
Tammy has the Sapphire Preferred card which collects 2X Points on Travel and Restaurants and 1 Point everywhere else. She spends $200 a month at restaurants and $1,500 over the span of a year with Travel. (Note: Travel includes all flights, cruises, uber, etc).

$200 * 12 months *2X points=  2400 Points from Restaurants
$1500*2X points= 3000 Points from Travel
2400+3000=6,500 points
Now let’s look at some different ways to redeem these rewards:
Statement Credit: 6,500 points * 1cent/point= $65
Gift Cards: 6,500 points*1cent/point=$65
Chase Ultimate Rewards Travel Portal:6,500 points*1.25 cents/points=$81.25

but wait….

Now THIS is where things get interesting…

By transferring your rewards to airline partners, you can easily gain more value than 1.25 cents/point. There is no set value for this, however, you should not get less than 2 cents/point and value can range up to 4 points on a consistent basis. (Note: I typically get my redemptions at 3cents/point on my international flights to Brazil)
6,500 points * 3cents/point =$195
That example shows an increase from $65 to $195 and that was excluding all purchases except Restaurants and Travel!!!  And the best part is that knowing HOW to redeem your rewards is just the beginning! There are many other ways to maximize your rewards!

These links will show you other ways to boost your card and get more miles:

Dining Programs: Learn how to earn miles through your favorite frequent flyer program just for eating at your favorite restaurants.

Shopping Portals: Learn how to earn additional miles on everything that you buy online! (My personal favorite is earning additional miles when I buy groceries at Walmart).

Follow the Blog for more information as I will be posting more tips frequently. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me 🙂 


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