Month: August 2018

Monte Verde,Brazil: A Romantic Town in The Mountains [Travel Guide]

Monte Verde , Brazil. Ever heard of it ? Probably not. But it’s an amazing place if you are ever looking for a small, romantic town with amazing food secluded by the mountains in Brazil. […]

The Best Credit Cards for Travel

Check out some of the absolute best credit cards for travel rewards!

Using Google Flights to Find the Cheapest Flight (Save Hundreds)

This article will explain how to find the cheapest flights and some tips to live by when planning your vacation. If you would like see more content then Subscribe here. Planning Vacation Vacations are a great time […]

How to Get Free Travel

On this page I will explain the importance of creating a simple, seamless system for collecting the most points in order to maximize your travel.  If you would like see more content then Subscribe here. […]

Creating Your Point Sytstem

Read how to get free travel through maximizing your credit cards!

The Journey Begins: My Story, My Purpose

See the improbable incident that set me off on my journey and why I want to help others